Monday, 24 May 2010

Zhang Huan

The Evening Standard has regarded him as an only honest heir of Joseph Bueys in the 20th century, Zhang Huan presents the spiritual yet contemporary, political yet personal and subtle yet provoking work, like no other in his league.
"When I was young, in the countryside of Henan, living with my grandmother and uncle, whenever it came time for the New Year, we would go to the cemetery and invite my deceased grandfather and ancestors back to the house to spend the New Years holiday with us. Before eating, we always had to place some of the food and offerings in front of the images of our ancestors as a sacrifice. We had to wait for them to finish eating before we started. When I was young, I would go to the temples with my family and light incense and pray to Buddha. Even though at the time I didn’t really understand it, it was already part of my life."
Mysticism, Spirituality, Human body and Buddhism are the common heme through out Zhang work. His recent works include creating sculptures, images and installation from incense ash from temples in the Jiangsu-Zhejiang region.

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