Friday, 28 May 2010

Carlos Castaneda

As I was reading A. Znamenski's "The Beauty of The Primitive", a particular historical character in the 1960s interested me. A man who is claimed to be "the grand father of the new-age", but at the same time, has been called a fruad by his fellow scholars. His publications sat inbetween the line of anthropology account and purely fictional. Throughout his life, Although he accliamed the status of a scholar celebrity, his true identity remains a mystery. Some said he brought the mainstream light to Shamainsim, and some said he exploited the ancient sacred. Overall, Carlos Castaneda inspired millions of people to search for their spiritual rivival. His book, "The Teaching of Don Jaun:A Yaqui Way Of Knowledge" (1968), was a best seller and remains a bible to many naive alternative spiritual seekers today.This documentary by BBC reveals the great controversial involving Castaneda's validity within his work, his personal life, his false claim of being a shaman, and the death of his follower, wife and adopted daughter, Patty Parton.

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