Thursday, 29 July 2010

Jilly Hawkhead's Scupture for Travelling

Camberwell College of Art's graduate show last month was nothing but ordinary. It was truly refreshing to see the students' talent shine in various (including the unexpected) kinds of media. The BA(Hons) Drawing department in particular took me by surprise with their artistic attempt to 'draw' in so many disciplines. From traditional pencil on paper, to collages and sculptures, to installations as their final pieces.

Jilly Hawkhead
's work, among the course alumni, was my favorite. Her work took over a small room in a corner and turned it into "Shamanic Flight Center", a place where participants can plan and book their flight to the spirit world!
A very tongue-in-cheek approach to talk about Shamanism and its commercial twist in today's world. She's surely getting a thumb up from me.

You can follow her at her Shaman-In-Residence blog.

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