Thursday, 29 July 2010

Jackson Pollock

Recently I've read a post describing Jackson Pollock (January 28, 1912 – August 11, 1956) as an 'example of Artist as Shaman in the modern world'. Interestingly, the writer brought up a few connections of Pollock's art work and the study of Shamanism, i.e. Pollock's interested in Jungian psychoanalysis and his strong link with the Native American Art. The writer also described the his paintings to be 'Shamanic' as the artist described his untraditional process of painting to be done in a subconscious level.
Indeed, Pollock's swirls and splashes were exquisite expressions coming for deep and raw place within the artist soul, reflecting the inner respond to what was going on in the world at that time. There's no doubt that his master pieces change the face of contemporary art forever as it explore another level of artist's mind and speak a new language of visual that will last generations...

But, a question remains: Did Jackson Pollock really talked to spirits?

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