Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Gasper Noe's "Enter The Void"

Havn't seen a movie so disgusting, dazzling, delirious, delicate and over all mind blowing in a long long time.
I think watching the movie gives very close effect to taking LSD. The story follows a messed up teenage boy living in Tokyo that got involved with drugs and got shot down by the police. The Tibetan's Book of Death then play the main role of the movie and we look through the eyes of that boy soul, decending his body and go through the process to his new life. At the end of the film, I felt the distinct between my own conciousness and my physical body. it fucks me up so bad, thats how powerful a movie could be! salut to that!

watch the trailer

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  1. You are of importance, may you be blessed. I believe my last poetry book, Neuroguerrilla, would please you, but it´s in spanish. Thanks a lot for your transcendental compilation of transcendental art.