Friday, 8 October 2010

Another Man Magazine A/W 2010

Another Man Magazine A/W 2010

The new issue of Another Man magazine is themed "Altered States".
With very interesting articles and interviews including Matthew Stones phrasing Joseph Beuys as a style icon, bringing back Brion Gysin's tripping Dream machine, new projects by tattooist Horiyoshi the Third, mysticism in the art of Angelbert Metoyer, Shamans Essay (EXTREMELY RELEVANT! SURELY ONE OF THE THINGS THAT GOES ON MY "I WISH I WROTE THAT" LIST!!!) by Tim Blanks, conversation between the occult icons: AA Bronson and Daniel Pinchbeck, etc.

The mixture of content was very engaging, although almost every article left me begging for more. (being a mass magazine, it's understandable that they wouldnt go in depth with such heavy topic) Nick Knight's photoshoot with the artist Duo- Lucy McRae and Bart Hess, was stunning and presents a perfect aesthetic to go along with this issue. Eventhough he was on the cover, Keith Richard was surprisingly outshine everything else in the magazine.

Overall, Another man has picked up the bits and pieces of esoteric spirituality and printed them out in style. Is this an evidence that Shamanism has officially made a come back into our mainstream media?

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