Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Cameron Jamie

Cameron Jamie brings art and anthropology together in his explorations of various fringe rituals shown in his work. Along with his drawings and installation, Jamie's films stir up a lot of attention. The artist’s acclaimed film trilogy explore 3 different underground, uncanny culture. The first video was the 2003 "Spook House", a montage of amateur haunted house in LA. Second one was the 26 minute video “Kranky Klaus," that he travelled to an Austrian village of Bad Hofgastein to document local St. Nicholas feast day traditions. Lastly, his 'most violent film according to the artist', "JO"(2004) is an exploration of patriotic rituals, it combines footage of a Fourth of July hotdog eating contest in New York with French celebrations of Joan of Arc.

His current exhibition will be at Gladstone Gallery until the 12th of June. It includes various sculptures and drawings, which the artist created as he was inspired by the carving technique used in the creation of Perchten, ornate wooden masks from the Alpine tradition.

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